17. February 2018.  
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Bihari János Cultural Association

The base supporter of the Bihari János Dance Ensemble is the Bihari János Táncegyüttes Cultural Association. Founded in October 13, 1999 and the Court of Budapest filed in November 5, 199, under the number of 6.Pk.64180/1., 2976.
The first chariman was Tibort Székely, and then Jolán Foltin.
Ferenc Novák Honorary Chairman
Sándor Boross Acting Chairman
Annamária Neuwirth Artistic Director
Sára Pavelka Dancer, representative of the Bihari János Folk Dance Ensemble
Üvegesné Judit Farkas Representative of the Parental Partnership of the Bihari János Art School


Board of Supervision
Lajos Lelkes Ex-dancer
Angéla Kis Parent
Kata Halász Dancer


Bihari János Dance Ensemble
H-1072 Budapest, Hungary. 32. Akácfa str. | Phone,Fax: +36-1-322-2893

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